Happy Birthday to the Commander in Chief

August 13, 2012 in Lifestyles, Local News, News, Top Stories

Brown household celebrates President’s birthday

Journal Staff Writer


In recognition of President
Barack Obama’s
birthday, Trina Brown
stood in front of her home
on Detroit Ave. with her
children and grand children
waving flags and pictures
of the president as motorists
drove by honking their
Even more pictures,
news clippings and
american flags decorated
her front porch.
“I think we should always
recognize the birthday
of any of sitting President,”
Brown stated.
In addition to celebrating
the President’s birthday,
Brown works on his
local re-election campaign.
“I’m doing this to help bring
awareness to the importance
of voting. If we don’t
put the right man back into
office, President Obama, then the wrong person will
get into that position.”
“People think he should
be able to turn the
economy completely
around in a few short
years, we all know that’s
impossible,” she said.
Daughter, Keidra
Brown said she voted for
the President and will help
re-elect him. She explained
that he inspires her
and address the issues
that are really important to
the American people such
as jobs and cutting taxes.
“I think today is something
we really need to do.”  Ka’Nya Braswell, eight,
said she was having a
good time waving flags and
pictures of the President
because “I’m doing it for
As part of the celebration,
Brown also gave out
free hot dogs and drinks to
the neighborhood children.


Trina Brown, standing center, proudly stands next to a display of President Barack Obama as her children and grandchildren display American patriotism.