Caterpillars to Butterflies is helping to move young black females forward

December 14, 2012 in Lifestyle, Lifestyles, Local News, News, Top Stories

By Journal Staff


Caterpillars become beautiful butterflies.

The founders of a Toledo group, Caterpillars to Butterflies, intend to help young black females grow into women.

Twana Boyd, Karen L. Franklin and Carolyn Kamala created the non profit self-empowerment group in August of this year.

The 10-week program, which is for girls between the ages of 6 and 14, meets on Saturdays at the Grace Community Center, 406 W. Delaware.

The founders teach the girls self-awareness and improvement, manners and etiquette, Boyd said, adding that she has wanted to do this for the last 10 years.

“There are so many young girls who got lost somewhere,” she said. “The African American community got lost somewhere. When I grew up, it was ‘yes sir.’ “

Boyd said she and her associates are making an impact and believe the girls will move forward and become productive as adults.

“It’s working,” Boyd said.

The girls now open doors for people, have phone manners, table etiquette and pray before they eat, she said.

“We are teaching them how to become young ladies in society so they can fly and be beautiful,” Franklin said.

The main focus is to teach the girls etiquette and give them confidence and self-awareness of who they are and that they can do anything in life, she said.

The girls are learning how to not degrade their bodies to attract a man, Franklin said.

Kamala adds that the girls need to maintain their academics.

“We want to enhance the girls abilities to make sure education is the number one priority, getting good grades, studying and maintaining a positive outlook on life,” she said.

There are 15 girls in this class. They have a sergeant-in-arms and a treasurer.

The students will graduate Saturday, Nov. 17.

The program is free. The girls receive breakfast and lunch.

For more information about Caterpillars to Butterflies, call Boyd at 419-708-6872.