Pee Wee Football League organizers want to prepare young players for the future

December 19, 2012 in Local News, Local Sports, News, Sports, Top Stories

By Journal Staff

After seeing boys who wanted to play in the Mid-City Football League but were too young, a group of black Toledo men decided to create the Pee Wee Football League for the youngsters to play in.

The seven-team league was formed for boys between the ages of 7 and 9. They play their games on Sundays at Gunckel Park, Collingwood and Belmont.

The teams are Hurricanes, Wildcats, Tigers, Spartans, Bears, Riders and Colts.

Wayne Golliday, commissioner of the league, said he and the other coaches and commissioners are preparing their young players for the future.

The coaches teach the youngsters discipline, teamwork, leadership and being a positive influence in the community, he said.

“We all worked together to find a plan for our babies to play football and have fun,” Golliday said. “It’s a real competitive league.”

Kevin Griffith, assistant commissioner and a coach, said “It’s fun for the kids. They like it.”

There’s also integrity in the league and the teams play by the rules, he said. All of the coaches are gentlemen.

Most of the players are from central Toledo and some go to the same elementary schools, Griffth said. Many of the players have brothers who play in the Mid-City league.

“We want all of the kids to succeed and have the same opportunity,” he said. “We believe in sending them to the next level, which is college and getting a good education.”

Tutors are available on Sundays for the students if they need help, he said.

“Next year we want to make it better,” Griffith said.

The youngsters play on an 80-yard field, play six minute quarters and one coach is allowed on the field during the game,

Griffith said he’s looking for more volunteers to participate in helping to shape a youngster’s life. He’s also looking for volunteers to help with the league by helping to maintain the fields.

The league will be in action this weekend with its playoffs at the Lucas County Recreation Center, 2901 Key in Maumee.

The Tigers play the Colts at 9 a.m.  and the Riders play the Spartans at 10 a.m.

For more information about the Pee Wee Football League, call 419-297-6978.