Mecca Temple No. 43 takes high honors with mini car unit

February 12, 2013 in News, Top Stories

Special to The Journal

Mecca Temple No. 43 mini car unit was started by Wilber Thomason, imperial deputy of motorized units for Imperial Council in 1991.

This motorized unit over the years has participated in numerous parades and won several awards, which consist of many first place trophies.

In August  2012, during Imperial Session in New Orleans, this well-organized unit collectively and strategically maneuvered their mini cars thus awarding them another first place trophy.

The mini car unit sponsors fundraisers to support charitable organizations and has established a scholarship fund to aid and assist in our youth’s educational needs.  During the past  21 years, the only bad experience this unit has encountered was in the late 1990s when some of their mini cars was stolen.

Since then, all but one has been recovered. If anyone has any knowledge of or information about the whereabouts of this missing car, contact Mecca Temple No. 43.

You will not be prosecuted and you can remain anonymous. A reward is available.

The mini car members are all past potentates of Mecca Temple No. 43. They are: Gerald Harris, captain and assistant director to the director of the Imperial Shrine Clubs; Theodore Patton, president and the deputy of the Oasis since 1991; Frank Bills, secretary/treasurer; Greg Hopkins, past imperial deputy of the Desert (state of Ohio); Edwin Felton, Leo Thomas, Marlon Shockley, desert of Ohio recorder; Mark McBee, Desert of Ohio treasurer; Niles McIntosh; Jack Tisdale, imperial organizer; Earl Stevens, imperial director of youth; Clem Casey and Craig Wedley.

Past members are: Darin Banks, Clarendon Fitzpatrick, Jerry Henderson, Melvin Aldridge, Cleo Brown and Steve Murray Jr., imperial director of Shrine Clubs World Wide.

Deceased members are: John Carter, Oscar Griffin, James Lamb, Melvin Thompson, Garner Nails, Eddie Woods and Ulysses Howard.