Star Bright Inner Beauty Pageant crowns three

February 22, 2014 in Lifestyle, Local News, News, Top Stories


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Barbara Rice, right and Rosalyn Cooper, stand with the overall winners. From left is Mya Young, Jr. Miss, Joy Witcher, Little Miss and Talaya Warren, Young Miss.

Three Toledo girls were crowned as the 2013 Star Bright Inner Beauty Pageant winners. The second annual beauty pageant, for girls ages five to 13, was sponsored by the non-profit organization, Building Bridges Community Revitalization Corporation, out of Columbus, Ohio, and was held at Robinson Elementary School located at 1075 Horace, on February 15 and 16.

Originally, the pageant was scheduled in December 2013 but due to inclement weather conditions, it was rescheduled to February.

The 2013 winners were Joy Witcher, six, who won Little Miss Title. Talaya Warren, 10, won Young Miss Title.  And Mya Young, 12, won Jr. Miss Title.

Barbara Rice, director of Star Bright Inner Beauty Pageant says the purpose of the event is to “Help girls build their self-esteem and confidence, so they can be a better person within the community and become a leader in that community.”

On Saturday, February 16, the girls participated in various activities which included workshops on self-image, goal setting, defense to bullying, resisting peer pressure, and studying relationships with your peers.

On Sunday, a panel of three judges graded the girls on talent, formal wear, and how they answered questions presented to them.

Rosalyn Cooper, assistant director and pageant coach taught the girls how to properly stand, walk and talk; all of which build confidence in themselves, and allows them to present themselves in a more stately fashion she said.

Mya Young said when they announced her as the Jr. Miss winner she thought; “Really?!  Me?!”

“I was so excited and nervous but relieved that I won,” she said.

During the training, Mya said she learned that true beauty comes from inside and a good attitude and love helps bring that beauty out.

Vincent Alexandria was one of the three judges. He said what impressed him about all the contestants was the fact they were so confident, discipline and intelligent.

“I’m an entertainer and I know it’s not easy going on stage in front of a crowd. But they did it with so much confidence. I have to applaud them for that,” he said.

Other winners included Faith Witcher, eight, for Best Talent, Yazzmen Roundtree, 13, for Best Photogenic, and Monique Taylor Byrd, 11 for Best Speech Presentation.

Following the event, the administrators and contestants presented the Ronald McDonald House with bulk food products; something that’s on the Wish List of the Ronald McDonald House.

Barbara Rice said there will be another pageant held in May. For more information on how to enroll your daughter, visit or call her at 614-843-8446.

Rosalyn Cooper crowning Mya Young as Jr. Miss.


The crowd eagerly waited the announcing of the winners.