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Women Play Integral Role in Civil Rights Meeting with President Obama

February 22, 2014 in National News, News

The Toledo Journal Newswire

Washington, DC – Earlier this week President Barack Obama; Attorney General Eric Holder; senior advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett; and director of the Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Munoz; met with Black leaders of civil rights organizations at The White House to discuss jobs, income inequality, voter suppression, criminal justice reform and other issues that impact the Black community. Melanie L. Campbell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and convener, Black Women’s Roundtable, participated in the meeting and issued the following comments about the conversation:…

President Obama and First Lady Spotlight Higher Education Improvements at White House Summit

January 23, 2014 in Editorials, National News, News, Opinion, opinion/columns

By John W. Boyd Jr.

President, Black Farmers Association

President Obama is far out in front of our stale, stubborn Congress on the issue of expanding college education to more under-represented Americans, just as on many progressive programs this administration struggles to promote.

Last week the President announced his proposals to improve the college education system, but once again he has to use his executive powers to circumvent Congressional resistance and urge college presidents to do more to reach underserved populations. Why?…

Happy Birthday to the Commander in Chief

August 13, 2012 in Lifestyles, Local News, News, Top Stories

In recognition of President Barack Obama’s birthday, Trina Brown stood in front of her home on Detroit Ave. with her children and grand children waving flags and pictures
of the president as motorists drove by honking their horn…